Join Local Artists in Supporting Community Vaccination Efforts!

September 05, 2021

Support and SHARE the DAAC and the Arts Alliance Illinois "Lust for Life" and “Vax to Get Back” messages this summer.

Artists from Decatur and across Illinois are contributing their talents to encourage communities to get vaccinated.

Support DAAC and the Arts Alliance Illinois "Vax to Get Back" campaign and SHARE the "Lust for Life" and “Vax to Get Back” messages this summer.


  • Download and SHARE the "Lust for Life" graphics below on your social media pages ... Hashtag #LustForLife #artsallianceil #vaxtogetback.
    -- Decatur artist and designer Shani Goss created a painting featuring the theme “Lust for Life” along with a variety of visuals to be used to promote all three local projects as a single campaign. You can stop by the Decatur Area Arts Council and pick up a sticker or button while supplies last to display your support.
  • SHARE the "Outside" video - ... Hashtag #LustForLife #artsallianceil #vaxtogetback.
    -- Decatur musician and arts educator Kaream Williams, who is also a recording artist and producer under the name TaQsem, has created an original song, "Outside," along with a music video, with the help of a team of local artists to celebrate the goal of reaching the other side of COVID.
  • SHARE one of the "Because of You, I Can Play" videos from this YouTube playlist - ... Hashtag #LustForLife #artsallianceil #vaxtogetback.
    -- Decatur musician and entertainment promoter Mike Wilcott developed a series of videos based around the theme, “Because of you, I can play” focused on opening up opportunities to once again play sports.

The Whole Story...

As COVID-19 infection rates continue to fluctuate, the arts community in Decatur and throughout Illinois recognized that continuing to get our communities vaccinated is important for safely getting back to in-person activities. Decatur is one of 24 regions in Illinois participating in the Arts Alliance Illinois "Vax to Get Back" campaign to create more than 72 pro-vaccination projects this summer.

The Decatur Area Arts Council is excited to have worked with these three talents local artists as they created unique art projects. Together they make up the local "Lust for Life" campaign to inspire and encourage people in Decatur to get a COVID vaccination. With everyone's help, we can spread the "Lust for Life" and “Vax to Get Back” messages, so we can all be safely and creatively social again.

Let's get our community vaccinated NOW!

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