#DAAC50Things – An Interactive Social Media Happening

May 23, 2018

Jjoin in the fun of a summer-long series of daily arts activities!

To celebrate 50 years of serving our community, the Decatur Area Arts Council invites you to join in the fun of a summer-long series of daily arts activities. We want you to share your creations and experiences on social media with the hashtag #DAAC50Things.

From creating a sculpture with your lunch to writing a haiku, we've got a list of 50 things to add low-cost, creative fun to your summer. We’ll be sharing one activity from this list every day for 50 days beginning Friday, June 1. You can do any or all of them on the day they are posted or, as the list grows, go back and catch up on some you’ve missed.

Once all 50 activities have been posted and you’ve had a chance to complete them, we will put together a compilation video of many of our favorites to share on social media.

Sound like fun? Here's how to get involved...

  • Play along...
    Join in on each activity the day it’s posted on our
    Facebook page (LIKE our page)
    Need a little help? Click HERE to find area arts groups and venues.
  • Don’t worry if you miss a day…
    Go back and get inspiration from any activities on the list whenever you like.
    The list will be updated daily on our website.
  • Keep sharing...
    Be sure to share what you do online (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) using #DAAC50things, and see what everyone else has done.

By engaging in the arts all around the town this summer, you can help us countdown to our 50th Birthday Bash on Saturday, July 28th, the “DAAC Half-Century Hullabaloo” - http://www.decaturarts.org/event/1370/hullabaloo/.

If you have any questions about #DAAC50Things, email arts4all@decaturarts.org or call 217-423-3189 or Instant Message us on Facebook.


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