Celebrating 50th Anniversary with a Party!

May 17, 2018

DAAC to celebrate 50th Anniversary with decades-spanning birthday bash on July 28th

A Decatur institution is gearing up for a 50th anniversary party that should prove to be extremely groovy / far out / radical / fly / lit, depending on the slang of your preferred era.

The Decatur Area Arts Council’s decades-spanning “Half-Century Hullabaloo! A Birthday Bash” is set for Saturday, July 28th at the Madden Arts Center. All of the typical party elements will be in place with a timely twist.

“We will be shifting focus throughout the event to the different eras from the past fifty years,” explains DAAC Executive Director Jerry Johnson. “So the food, music, specialty drinks, all of that will be anchored to whatever decade is currently in play at that point of the night.”

That idea extends itself to the prizes available, of which there will be many. “We are collecting fun, kitschy, nostalgic pieces of pop culture and era-relevant items for prizes,” says Johnson. The coveted collectibles can be won by acquiring tickets, rewarded by participating in various games and activities throughout the event. Though even here, there is a twist.

Johnson uses the example of karaoke, to be located in the second floor classroom “Liquid Courage Lounge” with song choices limited to the decade current in the night’s cycle. Guests will be rewarded tickets for doing one of two things here: singing, or supporting those who do.

“We want to encourage folks to have fun and participate but don’t want anyone to feel pressured to do so,” he says. So while there will be an official costume contest with higher potential for reward, guests who show up with even a hint of their favorite decade on display can earn tickets, too.

“Just for showing up and walking through the door, we’ll give you some tickets,” Johnson says.

The party obviously serves as a spotlight on the DAAC’s fifty years of supporting and promoting the Arts in the Decatur area through a variety of programs, services, classes, grants, and cultural activities and events. That said, the non-profit insists the aim of their Half-Century Hullabaloo is to simply come together as a community and celebrate this monumental achievement.

“The Arts Council has served this community for fifty years only because this community has so generously supported the Arts Council,” says Johnson. “We are truly all in this together.

“Now it’s time to party.”

Tickets on sale HERE or 217-423-3189.

$25 in advance, $30 at the door. (Must be 21+ to attend.)


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