Completed Murals

Information and photos of murals created through the DAAC Mural Project.

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The first mural, sponsored by Main Place Properties, was painted on the west side of the Central Illinois Title Co. building, 145 S. Water St. during the July 4th weekend. The mural, featuring Commodore Stephen Decatur, was painted by its designer Jerry Johnson, local artist and Executive Director of the Decatur Area Arts Council.

Retired commercial painter Mike Buckley volunteered to prep and base coat the surface and Decatur Sherwin-Williams Paint Store donated the base coat paint.

Read the Herald & Review article.


Decatur Staleys football mural

This mural, sponsored by Nims Foundation, was painted on the west side of the building at 111 E. Main St. The mural features the Dectur Staleys and Chicago Bears football teams, along with George Halas (young and old) paying homage to Decatur's heritage as the birth place of the Chicago Bears. It was also painted by its designer Jerry Johnson and a group of volunteers.

Thanks to Sunbelt Rentals for assistance with the lift equipment.


Bob Marley-One Love Mural

Paintted on the east side of the building at 702 Eldorado St. by local artist Shani Goss and her husband Tronnie Goss, the mural depicts legendary musician Bob Marley, selected by the artist to convey a positive message and appeal to a broad audience. Sponsored by Lance and Becky Gauble.

Thanks to Lowe’s for donating the paint.

Read the Herald & Review article.


Ron English 2017

This mural, sponsored by Tate & Lyle, was painted by internationally renowned artist and Decatur native Ron English at 730 E Cerro Gordo St, (East wall of Ken’s Aquarium and Pet Supply).

Thanks to Sunbelt Rentals for assistance with the lift equipment.

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Sullivan, Illinois artist Nick Beery completed the mural at the 200 block of W. Main St., Decatur, IL in September 2017.The design is based on a mathematical expression/pattern structure known as the golden spiral.

The mural was sponsored by Lockhart's Barber College.

Additional materials and equipment assistance were provided by Lowe's and Sunbelt Rentals.


Califfornia artist Collin Salazar painted this mural, entitled Eyesdown, at the 200 block of E. William St., Decatur, IL in July 2018.

It was sponsored by a grant from the James Millikin Trust.

Thanks to Lowe's for supplying materials and Sunbelt Rentals for assistance with the lift equipment.


Painted at 3650 E. William St. Rd., Decatur (east facing wall of the Kurent Occupational Safety building) by Decatur artist Jerry Johnson. Inspired by a suggestion from the building owner who is himself a veteran.

The mural was sponsored by Phil Jones and James Millikin Trust.

Additional materials provided by Lowe's.

Created by local artists Amy Rankin and Michelle Stephens, this mural, entitled "Unstoppable," depicting vintage train wheels. It is painted on the east facing exterior wall of Millikin University's wrestling facility at 151 W. Wood St., Decatur.

Sponsored by Norfolk Southern with assistance from Lowe's and Main Place Properties..

This colorful mural was designed and painted by local artist Eric Weatherford on the south facing exterior wall at corner of Eldorado and N. Water Streets in downtown Decatur.

Sponsored by Mark & Susan Avery with assistance from Lowe's and Sunbelt Rental.


What Lifts You

The Community Foundation, in partnership with the Decatur Area Arts Council and the Decatur Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, commissioned famed artist Kelsey Montague to create her signature angel wings mural at the northwest corner of the Decatur Civic Center, 1 Gary K Anderson Plaza.

Additional assistance provided by Sherwin-Williams and Sunbelt Rental.


Designed and painted by Jerry Johnson at 1920 N. Oakland Ave. (on the north wall of the Decatur House of Prayer building).
Sponsored by The Beautify Decatur Coalition. Additional materials provided by Lowe's and volunteers from the Decatur House of Prayer.

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