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Acrylics for Beginners (BYOS – Bring your own supplies)

Acrylics for Beginners (BYOS – Bring your own supplies)

April 4th - 18th, 2018
Wednesday, 10am-12pm
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This day-time series will give beginning painters the tools to help build their skills.

Bring your own supplies and learn the basics like how to sketch your image on the canvas, underpainting, layering and much more.  Minimum 7 students, maximum 20.

Getting Started in Acrylics with Jami Fawley

Painting Class 10-12 W April 4, 11 and 18


For this class you will learn some of the basics to get you started with acrylic painting. We will use water washable, non toxic materials that will last through many projects. Supply lists will be provided to guide you in getting started if you do not already have supplies. Everything can be purchased locally. Jami will go over some tips for improving your paintings, explain different techniques and materials, and answer your questions.



Class One: Loosen Up and Relax into painting

  1. What to Paint and How to Paint?
  2. Why Acrylics?
  3. Color Mixing
  4. Working in Wet and Dry Paint
  5. Cleaning Up


Class Two and Three: Getting Started on Canvas

  1. Sketching
  2. Underpainting
  3. Building up some layers
  4. Be Fearless!
  5. When to Stop Painting
  6. Glazes, Mediums and Sealants


Getting Started in Acrylics

***This is NOT a “Paint with Me” class. Do not expect that you will all leave with identical, finished pieces. While that can happen, it is not my goal. We will work on projects together, but in our own styles and levels. My goal is to help you build skills you can use on your own later, not just for this one class.***


Supply List                

  • Heavy Paper for exercises and sketches. Such as Watercolor, Mixed Media or Acrylic Paper (cheap is fine) anything 9x12 or larger.
  • Artist Tube Acrylics such as Master’s Touch or Liquitex Basics (variety of colors) Make sure you have Titanium White, Primary Colors, and Black at a minimum. Please bring any colors that appeal to you personally. We will mix colors in class, but it is nice to have some colors already mixed too, especially browns and pastels (bright pinks and teals can be harder to mix). I leave that up to your taste and your budget. You can always start small and add more later. I can make suggestions on Day 1.
  • Brushes: Bring any brushes you already have and like. I prefer Nylon or Taklon brushes because they are inexpensive and durable. We will primarily use filberts and rounds in a middle range of sizes. You will not need specialty brushes like fan brushes, liners or huge brushes. (See notes below.)
  • Palette. My favorite palette is a cookie sheet from the Dollar Store or something similar. You can also use a heavy paper plate or recycled styrofoam produce tray. No need to buy anything unless you want to.
  • Canvases:  You will need 2 canvases. The budget canvases at Hobby Lobby are fine. Get big ones. 9 x 12” or 16 x 20”. (Just bring 1 on day 1).
  • Paper towels or an old kitchen towel or T shirt to clean your brush on.
  • Pencil and paper in case you want to write anything down.
  • Suggested: Acrylic Fluid Medium such as Gloss Fluid Medium or Matte Fluid Medium. It is simply a personal choice. I paint in matte, but you can choose what you like.
  • Suggested: Palette knife. Any kind is fine. If you want to paint with it, bring a variety.
  • Bring anything that you usually paint with... A spray bottle, other kinds of mediums, a smock, etc. We will have aprons, desk easels and water cups in the studio. Feel free to bring coffee or a snack if you need that too. It will be a very laid back class.


I will post photo examples of supplies on Facebook. Just search for “Jami Fawley artist” on Facebook. Drop me a note to let me know you are there! You can contact me with any questions either on Facebook or through text at 690-3721. If you need to call, leave a message or call the Arts Council at 423-3189 and I will call you back.


*** If your budget does not allow for artist paints at this time, you may bring craft paints. The results are not the same, but you will still be able to learn with them.




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