Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Decatur Area Arts Council


An Interactive Social Media Happening

To celebrate 50 years of serving our community, the Decatur Area Arts Council invites you to join in the fun of a summer-long series of daily arts activities.  We want you to share your creations and experiences on social media with the hashtag #DAAC50Things. 

From creating a sculpture with your lunch to writing a haiku, we've got a list of 50 things to add low-cost, creative fun to your summer.  We’ll be sharing one activity from this list every day for 50 days beginning Friday, June 1.  You can do any or all of them on the day they are posted or, as the list grows, go back and catch up on some you’ve missed.

Once all 50 activities have been posted and you’ve had a chance to complete them, we will put together a compilation video of many of our favorites to share on social media.

Sound like fun?  Here's how to get involved...

  • Play along... 
    Join in on each activity the day after it’s posted on our
    Facebook page (LIKE our page)
    Need a little help?  Click HERE to find area arts groups and venues.
  • Don’t worry if you miss a day…
    Go back and get inspiration from any activities on the list whenever you like.
    The list will be updated daily on our website.
  • Keep sharing...
    Be sure to share what you do online (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) using #DAAC50things, and see what everyone else has done.

By engaging in the arts all around the town this summer, you can help us countdown to our 50th Birthday Bash on Saturday, July 28th, the “DAAC Half-Century Hullabaloo” - http://www.decaturarts.org/event/1370/hullabaloo/.

If you have any questions about #DAAC50Things, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call 217-423-3189 or Instant Message us on Facebook.


The List (So far)

  1. Take a photo of the first piece of art you come across today.
  2. Take a close up photo of something in nature.
  3. Make a sculpture from your lunch.
  4. Draw a self-portrait.
  5. Write a haiku.
  6. Take a selfie in front of a mural.
  7. Make playlist of your favorite songs for someone you love.
  8. Attend an event at your local library
  9. Design a print for fabric or wallpaper
  10. Play a song using only objects in your kitchen.
  11. Write a limerick about a co-worker and leave it on their desk.
  12. Draw a comic strip about part of your day.
  13. Interpret your family as a work of art.
  14. Start a "storytelling string." 
  15. Make a video or take a photo of something in your life that you take for granted.
  16. Write a poem on a Post-It and leave it for someone to find.
  17. Post your favorite "refrigerator" artwork.
  18. Hum a song at work until someone hums along.
  19. Wear an outfit that is made up of shades of the same color.
  20. Enroll in an arts class.
  21. Go to an outdoor concert, theatre production, or movie screening
  22. Wear an outfit that is the most "YOU"
  23. Create artwork for a co-worker from stuff on your desk
  24. Greet people with a song
  25. Invite someone to join you in something artsy that you do
  26. Take a selfie with a sculpture
  27. Share a piece of artwork you created as a child
  28. Watch a classic black & white movie
  29. Recite a line from a movie that you use regularly
  30. Listen to a friend's favorite music
  31. Make up a short song during your drive to work
  32. Draw a tattoo on your hand or your arm.
  33. Find the artsiest packaging in your kitchen
  34. Design your own emoji
  35. Visit the AFRICA! Exhibit
  36. Do a drawing ona Post-It and put it in the break room at work
  37. Make up a dance to the overhead music in the store you're inI
  38. llustrate the lyrics from your favorite song
  39. Change your computer/cell background to a famous painting
  40. Change your ringtone to your favorite song from high school
  41. Attend a local festival




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